The Story Of My Fucking Life


Posted by ilbebe on January 18, 2012

Pythagoras on Calmer Waters;

Three poems for three treasons, three riddles for odd reasons…

I. 15 knots Southwestern

Cow Palace, Cow Hollow

Hollow Cow, False Idol

II. 12 knots Southern

Hard Row, Port Heart

Pork Hearth, Hard to hear the poor

Hearty Oak, Mostly Solid

Oakley Hall, Mostly Sold

III. 8 knots Northwestern

Heaven Saint Jaw, Haven’t Seen Ya

Steam Heavin’ South, Seems Ya Leavin’

Blown Down Mouth, Blame Dog Mind

Big Dark Might/Been Doin’ Mine

Blink twice for yes with eyelids epoxied

Shoreline sure kids/Sure share whore beds

Light the wire/Serve the heathen

Sever the wire/Resume breathin’


(originally published May 2007 in the Journal of the Trainwreck Union. used by author’s permission. i’m the author)


3 Responses to “Seventy-one”

  1. J. Dennis Healey said


    I researched the Trainwreck Union, found you listed, to the southeast of a black & white photograph of a locomotive:

    Ads by Google

    Anxiety Disorders

    Treat Anxiety

    Cure Anxiety


    • ilbebe said

      Wow, it had never even occurred to me that Jack was still maintaining that blog. I haven’t seen that guy in four years. Interesting.

    • ilbebe said

      Also, it occurs to me now upon a second glance at the ad copy that damn, Google ads are getting creepily almost-right.

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