The Story Of My Fucking Life


Posted by ilbebe on February 15, 2012

Tell the stories you can so that you don’t have to tell the stories you want to but can’t.

I have never been a member of the communist party. I have never been a member of any rifle society. I have been a member of the Boy Scouts of America. Please stop showing me your guns. I will take them from you if you keep threatening me with them.

Have you seen The Rifleman, have you seen that episode? He was a lonely Texas Tin Star. I hung my head. I hung my head.

Now she walks these hills in a bright orange dress. And nobody knows but me…

And you, now that I’ve told you. Now you are implicitly implicatable in this affairs, these matters. Watch out for meter maids. Watch out for Peter Pan. Watch out for that tree!!

George, George, King of All England, where have all your colonies gone? Gone the way of the western wind, cold may it blow forevermore. When you see a cop spitting on a guy, you’ll see me. You’ll see me. You’ll see me. You’ll see me.

We could live beside the ocean, watch the fires at night. Drift out past the breakers, watch the world get better after we get away from it for a fucking second. Quit taking more than yr fair share, people. You take what you need and you leave the rest. Get the point>

Don’t read on me…

No restrictor plates.

Road full of promise. Head out of the sand.


-2:15PM 2/15/12, home, talking shop with Jazzy John O, he just got his first cover story published in the East Bay Express! Check it out at


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