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Posted by ilbebe on February 16, 2012

The Polish Rose Of Dutchess County

Is no white lily,

No rascal,

No Carnegie nor Bethlehem Steel

No Hammock nor Hammond B-3

No Kowalski, no ’70 white Challenger

No McAuliffe, No Lexington

No War on War

No Parenthesis

No loco parentis

Not there when I

Need a personal poem

Of Motion, grace, and substance.

Of love and paid-for dimes.

At the dawn of the return of the fishrat,

Slim Tuesday ashing at Treblinka,

Please call me, wherever you are.

You live within me now.


I summon you.

-11:23AM 2/16/12 @ Cafe Helloakland, outside in the sun w/Caz. Typed and posted 12:37PM @ Temescal Branch Library. Headed downtown to go Uptown, 25 or 6 to 4…


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