The Story Of My Fucking Life


Posted by ilbebe on February 24, 2012

On this third day of Lenten, let us consider what we have not given up, or more specifically, what we have not given up on.

1. We have not given up on ourselves

2. We have not given up on the church

3. We have not given up on our society

Multiply these three hopes and beliefs by thirty-one and two-thirds, and you have my theses for the day.

Now allow me to elucidate these feelings in a more prosaic manner.

While walking down the street today near my house, I came upon a lemonade stand staffed by four children, all probably about ten years in age. They were an extremely friendly and efficient unit; one poured my lemonade and pointed out the jar of sugar availabled to me if I found the ade too sour, one offered me a complementary salt-water taffy, one explained the array of baked goods they had for sale, and one took my dollar and gave me change. It was a delightful experience from top to bottom, and the lemonade was delicious. The hilarious thing to me at the time I came upon the kids and their enterprise was that I was wearing sunglasses and a scally cap, smoking a cigarette, and carrying a Trader Joe’s paper grocery bag with a twelve-pack of PBR I’d just stolen from a 7-11 in it, plus two tall cans of PBR I had paid for and half a bag of cough drops. Looking the part of a real role model, in other words.

When I got home, I looked at the two quarters I had received in change, because I’ve been on the lookout for coins from 1974 lately, and discovered that one of the coins was a 100-won South Korean coin. An internet exchange-rate calculator informs me that the current value of this coin in US dollars in 9 cents. Do I feel “ripped off”? HELL NO! This is fucking awesome, and it makes for a great story. Bless those kids, and all the kids worldwide. I hope they all get enough clean water to drink this year.

We are all children in the eyes of G-d. Have a glass of water, and then have another one for those kids the world over, large and small, who can’t have one right now. Pour it over yr head if you like. You will feel clean, refreshed, and more awake then you were before. Bless yr own self.


-3:46 2/24/12, home, sittin’ on the couch listening to cumbia on the radio, lovin’ life like the guy who’s going to be completing a transnational WALK tomorrow morning, Saturday, February 25th, 2012. He’ll be starting at the Lakeview branch of the Oakland library, 550 El Embarcadero 94610, at 9AM PST, and walking up to Montclair Village, where he expects to arrive around noon. He has walked across this nation back and forth SIX TIMES carrying a message of love, plainly put: LOVE LIFE. Feel free to join him on this last leg of his current journey. We are in this together.


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