The Story Of My Fucking Life


Posted by ilbebe on February 25, 2012

What is the greatest love of all?

It has been two weeks now since Whitney Houston shuffled off, and one week since she was laid to rest. Today my friend Jess is in Minnesota, laying her grandmother to rest. These are sad things, but they give us cause to consider the eternal feelings of love that exist beyond the last breath we inhale in these lives; the phantasmagorical sensation that comes in recognizing that if we knew someone well, than we always will know them, and can talk to them whenever we please. We may see death as a loosening of our daily schedules, perhaps; an opportunity to be in two places at once, catching up with yr busy busy busy friends on their days off.

Last Friday I had quite a romp through the Capital City. Me and three associates roamed and roamed the City of Sacrament; visiting parks, walking in the middle of the street, buying ice cream, and singing. On the Mardi Gras, I had another romp through The City Of Seven Hills, Rome Of The West, with my ex-girlfriend B. She is doing great. We started in North Beach, walked up to the summit of Telegraph Hill to goof around at the base of Coit Tower, then moseyed through the Broadway Tunnel around 2:30AM. We found a working payphone outside of a market at Leavenworth and Union, where I dialed in an old calling-card account which enabled B to leave a sarcastic voicemail for her mother around 3AM. Around 4AM, when we needed one the most, we found a 7-11,  and I pocketed a small caramel Ghiradelli chocolate on my way out for a little treat to enjoy on the upper deck of a parking garage down the street. Then she showed me the memorial for the two men killed on Bloody Thursday in 1934, outside of the ILWU hall on Mason and Beach. I was humbled, and awed, and so happy to have B back in my life as a friend. She’s a riot.

Yesterday, while “working from home”, my girl Tackey came over to my place, and we drank a few beers, smoked a few cigs, and took a pretty nice roll in the Hey Hey Hey! Children might be reading this!

My point is somewhat elementary: Love Is All Around Us. Live in denial of this reality, and you will create a void in yr life that will literally suck all the fun out of it. Live in acknowledgement of this truth, and love life every day.

The more love, the more love–and that’s good news…


-4:47PM 2/25/12, home, using my new teeny laptop that Tackey gave me! I love it! Thanks, Baby! I love you:)


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