The Story Of My Fucking Life

One-twenty: Tour Diary volume five

Posted by ilbebe on June 2, 2012

Monday, January 8, 2001. We stopped at the most amazing place- GeeCee’s Truck Plaza, exit 57, Vader, WA. Haircuts, showers, reflective [lug] nut covers, pickle in a pouch, fried battered chicken gizzards, free tiny calendars. [I have made many return visits to GeeCee’s, and it never fails to amaze. A favorite was buying a Sparks there late at night on a Thursday in 2004, and the cashier saying “What’s the deal with this? Everybody just used to drink Red Bull and Budweiser and be okay with that.”] Made Olympia by 5, our host Nathan lives in a supremely idyllic house between the woods and Puget Sound. Owen catches up an hour later and we head downtown for Indian food.

Sweet lord. Indian food is really good. [This was the first time I’d ever had Indian food.] I have a cheese/vegetable/curry deal with rice. Everyone is pretty enchanted with Oly. We proceed back to Nathan’s house, where I start killing the good taste in my mouth with PBR. Band sets up, with Ryan using my amp for his desired clean sound. [If I had name a favorite day on the “tour”, it would be this one, and sadly that has everything to do with having broken my guitar the day before which alleviated the obligation of being in the band.] A few people come and the rock commences.

The band has never sounded better. I really enjoy their set as my self-esteem plummets. People seem to enjoy it, or perhaps the humongous amounts of herb smoked is accountable for their good spirits. Tides were high, and so were the people, and more instruments came out to play: clarinet, bari sax, maraca, cowbell, tin foil [?], telephone [??], congos, djembe drum. The jam is awesome, and continues the whole night. I play the cowbell and the maracas for a while. [I actually played the cowbell with the maracas, that is, I hit them against each other. At the end of the night, one of Nathan’s roommates picked up the maracas and looked hella sad as he wondered who fucked up his maracas. IT WAS ME!!! evil laugh DIE HIPPIE DIE!!] We eventually wander out into the sound and stand on a dock that was out in the water when we first arrived. Tidal motions! Moss-induced slip ‘n’ slide action. Telescoping asshole! Go back to the house, mo’ drumming. We sleep on a carpeted floor! Sleep goooooood….

[Notes at bottom of page]

*Poo-yallup= Pyew-allup. Two Burger Kings in Puyallup. [This was info given to me by a partygoer.]

Point Defiance. Nick Cave – Stagger Lee.

Yummy food- Navrattan Korma

Boring, OR

If lemurs should eat me

You’ve got me writing songs again

The emptiness of writing love songs for people that don’t exist

Tom Waits – Step Right Up

The Cure – Elise

Dike Acess Road – between PDX and Oly

– Did you hear the news? No one likes K2! [This is how we were teasing the baby.]

Go fish cheater, trick-or-treater. [These were alternate lyrics to “Sidewheeler”, a great song by Try And Step On Her, whose tape more or less saved us from killing each other. We came up with probably a hundred different words or phrases that could be sung during the chorus of “Sidewheeler”, the actual lyric of which was “You’re my new sidewheeler.” We were super goddamn bored and crazy. Touring life! Stay tuned, tomorrow I buy a new guitar and rejoin the band!]


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