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Posted by ilbebe on September 14, 2013

It’s laid out in many ways: allegorically, metaphorically, mathematically, actually-

Simply put, it’s the distance from THERE to HERE, NOW. The gap between what you wish yourself and the world you see yourself being that way in,… and the way it is now. The disparity between the two scenarios, with the added consideration of a) how you see the gap, and b) how you feel about the gap.

The maddening, self-immolative path of asking yourself What is it that I want to be? and getting hung up on I have so many qualms with who I am now.

The shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line, but straight line is an avenue of action that cannot be considered. There is no way any person at yr particular point A could consider a straight line.

(If that’s the case, is there any hope? Is there any hope in considering paths of an obscure nature??)

Yes. The self that sees you walking down the sidewalk thinking about the possibility that there is a version of you that is worth a damn is that person that is worth a damn. To see the fire potential in life is to light that fire, and be that fireman at the edge of the flame saying

Holy shit!! I’ve never seen a fire quite like this one…

-1:07AM, 9/14/13, home.


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